Is the Rizk Casino game selection up to muster?

There is no place for second rate within today’s all-action online casino landscape. This is because the online casino players of the world often discard providers that don’t tick all the boxes out of hand. As quick as an online casino launches, it can fall off the radar just as quickly, with some once popular names following that path. Looking at an online casino that certainly isn’t set to suffer from that issue, they seem to have been through a careful and thorough development process. Built from the ground up with player satisfaction in mind, there is plenty to like about this Guts spin-off.

What is working wonders when it comes to putting Rizk Casino on the map is its game selection. Built into to a smooth and fresh looking UI, it looks like the game catalogue has all the tools to take this online casino to the very top of the industry.

Building Blocks

Piece by piece, Rizk Casino has worked to build an online casino game selection that players can be proud of. While many other online casinos seem content with working with one or two developers, Rizk Casino has gone all-in, securing deals with no less than 8 major industry names. This has proven to be a successful strategy, as the the excellent game selection stands out as one of the key features of the casino when looking at the glowing review that MrCasinon recently published on Rizk. NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, Thunderkick, NYX, Nextgen, Quickspin, and Play’n GO all add to the casino experience through a raft of major releases. Game after game, players can be sure that no 2 days are ever the same at Rizk Casino.

Easy to Navigate

There are over 500 games available to play at Rizk Casino, but that wouldn’t count for anything if players couldn’t find a game of interest. Taking note from other major online casino names such as Casumo, Rizk Casino have opted for a basic is better approach to game presentation. On-site navigation is simply effortless, with finding a game a matter of type, search, and click. Adding to the ease of use, all game information is neatly located to the left hand side of the screen. Completing the near perfect level of game presentation is an on-site blog that both promotes and details the latest games as and when they are made available.

Wheel of Rizk

If the selection of 500 games wasn’t enough to keep you entertained, Rizk Casino has also unleashed their own take on the classic Wheel of Fortune. Aptly named Wheel of Rizk, this game adds a new twist to online casino play and one that can lead players to big prizes. For every game played, online video poker excluded, the charge bar at the top of the screen will shift. This bar relates to the level of prizes pinned to the Wheel of Rizk. The more games you play the faster the bar will charge, with each new level reached unlocking an even greater array of prizes. You may think that you know Wheel of Fortune and all that it can offer, but there is no doubt about it, players will have never seen a game quite like Wheel of Rizk before. Simply put, Rizk Casino has taken Wheel of Fortune to the extreme and it plays fantastically.

All ‘Rizk’, All Reward

When a new online casino debuts, many will hold doubts over the quality of game selection it presents. Those doubts hold no ground when it comes to Rizk Casino, as it is firing on all cylinders when it comes to entertainment. Don’t mistake them for just another industry name, as this brand knows what it takes to deliver a game collection that lives long in the memory.


9 fun online casino gaming facts

Fun is always the call of the day when some one decides to gamble at a casino online. There isn’t a thrill quite like putting your cash on the line through a wager in attempt to beat the casino and take some of their money. The excitement is almost unmatched by other forms of Internet based entertainment. It can never hurt to learn more about the casino gaming format that millions can’t get enough of. What follows is 9 facts regarding popular online casino games that you may not have previously known.

Fun Fact No. 1 – Given the unreal level of success that the game has achieved, you could be mistaken in thinking that it was all planned. On the contrary, Roulette was a game that was actually invented by complete accident, as the original wheel was actually intended to be a perpetual motion machine. Several decades later, it is still one of the top choices amongst gamblers that play casino online.

Fun Fact No. 2 – The online casino bonus is commonly associated with post-millennium online play. However, the online casino bonus in its original form actually pre-dates that by a few years. Official reports stipulate that the first online casino bonus was handed out back in the late 1990s, as the Internet first started to gain momentum.

Fun Fact No. 3 – It has been said that craps is actually the elder statesmen of the online casino world, largely as it can be traced back thousands of years. Before dice became commonplace, the game was actually played by tribesmen using rocks and stones.

Fun Fact No. 4 – Everyone thinks that cheating is a modern day occurrence that unscrupulous individuals carry out against unsuspecting victims. While that certainly does occur, studies actually show that cheaters are more likely to scam friends and players they know more than anyone else.

Fun Fact No. 5 – Las Vegas is without question the true global gambling mecca. In fact, it has such a large casino presence that there is one slot machine in place for every eight residents. This is something that no other casino hotbed in the world can boast.

Fun Fact No. 6 – Gambling has always been able to deliver plenty of the thrills and spills, so much so that it is even a game with devilish connotations. Roulette is a prime example, as all the numbers on the wheel total 666, which as we all know is the dreaded number of the beast.

Fun Fact No. 7 – Playing at a casino online was once labelled as a gimmick and a fad, how wrong those labels have proven to be as time has progressed. At last count the industry was calculated to be worth around $3 trillion, an amount that leaves the value of land-based casino gaming in its wake.

Fun Fact No. 8 – The online casino bonus has been around a long time, but it now looks to be reaching its peak in 2015. This is because it has been discovered that nearly 95% offer some form of welcome bonus and promotion. Some have even predicted that in the next few years that figure could even reach 100%, as the industry shift becomes complete. Just having a quick look at Vipcasino.nu will give you an idea of just how many online casino bonuses there are to take advantage of today.

Fun Fact No. 9 – Ending on a humorous note, the final fact on this list has more to do with what you eat while gambling rather than what you play. It’s common knowledge that the Fourth Earl of Sandwich John Montagu invented the bread snack that adopts his title. But what most won’t know is that he invented it while gambling as a means to eat with one hand while gambling with the other. Of course, considering that casinos have now reached the internet area, playing at a casino online with one hand, whilst eating a sandwich with the other is hardly something anyone would raise an eyebrow for.


Key features that have made Vinnarum casino a success

If you are a casino player residing outside of Scandinavia, it might be unlikely that you have heard of them already. Vinnarum casino has been one of Sweden’s leading casino brands for almost five years now, and although they don’t do much marketing outside of Sweden, it seems now that people from all around are finding their way over there, proving once again that the marketing budget isn’t the most important factor when it comes to success in the casino industry. The fact of the matter is that Vinnarum offers a product that feels more complete than the majority of their competition, and this is why players go there to play.

Receiving plenty of attention from some of the biggest casino portals on the market, Vinnarum have managed to expand and becoming a leading casino, by simply offering players what they want. Earlier this year, Sverigescasinon.net made clear in their review of them, that Vinnarum casino is one of the most up and coming casinos in the industry today. In this blog post we take a look at some of the features that makes the casino one of the best.

Mobile Friendlyvinnarum-mobil

These days, it might seem like mobile optimisation is a given at any casino, but the fact is that many of the bigger casinos today still struggle a bit with their mobile websites. Vinnarum casino were early when it came to building a solid platform for mobile gaming, and are today rated as one of the best mobile casinos on the market. Many others have managed to finally catch up with the development, but the players that found Vinnarum in the early days of mobile gaming seem to have already made their choice and stayed at the casino.

State-of-the-art games

Just like most Swedish casinos, Vinnarum have put great focus into building a good selection of high quality casino games. Rather than trying to work with as many developers as possible, Vinnarum have selected the very best few and stuck with them. Their partnership with NextGen, Microgaming and Net Entertainment gives players plenty to choose from, while keeping the quality of all games on top levels.

Weekly bonuses and promotions

Many casinos today tend to focus on giving people some pretty big first deposit bonuses in order to get them to sign up and deposit. While certainly not lacking in that department, offering a staggering €800 bonus + 200 free spins welcome package, Vinnarum casino have been clever enough to realise that it takes more than just a welcome bonus in order to keep players active. One of the main reasons as to why players tend to stay at Vinnarum is that they are very consistent with giving out promotions on a steady basis. Almost every weekend players can look forward to new new deposit bonus or a free spins offer at one of the many slot machines available at the site.

A stylish website

In an age where new casinos seem to pop up on an almost weekly basis, we have seen our fair share of poorly design gaming sites. Vinnarum are constantly working on developing their website, and offer players a gaming environment that feels very modern and stylish. Without being overly flashy, the design team behind Vinnarum casino has managed to make the website be as easy on the eyes as it is easy to use.

The sections of the website are cleverly laid out, and they have approached it all with a less-is-more attitude, and stripped away a lot of the useless junk that many casinos persist on keeping on their website. Swedish casinos are known for being some of the best looking ones available, and Vinnarum only strengthens that opinion.